Unit of a special character – at Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Date of commencement of activity: 1992

Board of Directors includes:

Prof.Dr. Nader Mohamed Mohamed Morgan, Chairman of the Board

Prof.Dr. Samir Abdel-Hamid Ali

Prof.Dr. Ramzi Abdul Qadir Tanpoly

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Khaled Abdul Qadir Hammouda

Prof.Dr. Merei Hussein Merhei

Dr. Hussein Ali Abdul Salam, Executive Director

In the frame of implementation the development plan for Physical Fitness Unit and sports for all, the unit has achieved this year and previous years further development and achievements in many areas, both at the local level or which the international level.

In a new precedent of its kind was established a laboratory includes the latest scientific equipment in the Centre for players in Alexandria, which helps to develop a training program on the scientific basis for both athletes and non-athletes, as well as this centre contributed in help researchers either in or outside the faculty.

In order to service the area around the faculty and the surrounding area, the summer club has hosted contributions in the activities of gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, karate and other activities such as:

Summer activity:

Includes many different activities:

Varied Activity:

This activity is held to a different ages from 5 years to 10 Years to exercise all the different games for the development of athletic ability.

Football Academy:

The Academy includes more than 5 Players, which is overseen by a group of football coaches and football experts after a medical check on all applicants and players for the development of the sport and raising them to the highest level, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Sami Nasr, Technical Director of the Academy.

Swimming activity:

This activity is held to a different ages from 5 years and training be at the hands of a group of faculty coaches.

Judo Activity:

Has been obtained a grant from the State of Japan to provide an international Japanese expert in judo who holds a 7 Dan, and has been providing all the possibilities for him to train faculty students, and has been established an academy for Judo sport, which is the first of its kind in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Japanese expert will be accompanied by faculty members.

Training courses on diving:

Has been held several courses in the field of diving.

   Has been agreed with the Egyptian Federation for diving and rescue on diving courses

 (First star - second - third star) to improve this courses and grant students an approved Carné from the Egyptian Federation for diving and rescue.

Massage session:

This course will be held by agreement with the Council for the interests of educational level of students and will be granted students in this course an approved certificate from the National Sports Council and the African Union.

Sports injuries and rehabilitation:

Has been agreed with the Central Administration of Sports Medicine, in the National Council for Sport on holding of these training courses and will be granted all students certificates from the National Sports Council for faculty students.

Rescue cycle:

Has been agreed with the Egyptian Federation of diving on holding such this session, and at the end of the session d and after passing the tests will be granted an approved certification by the Egyptian Federation for diving, rescue and an approved Carné.

First Aid Course:

Taught by some of the best university professors and specialists and overseeing on the session elite group of university professors and providing the tools and suitable rooms for teaching. Applicants for the course are awarded approved certificate by multi- government agencies and an approved Carné.

* Swimming Course:

In the interests of swimming literacy has been held a swimming course to teach swimming to serve the students and raise them to the highest level in this activity.

* Gymnastics Hall:

  There is also a gymnasium hall, which contains many of the sophisticated devices that fit men and women also contains exercises aerobics for men and women - Swedish programs and fitness - A special department for therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation – Specific dates for men, ladies, and for faculty students. There are places to change clothes and there are specialists trained for this activity.

* Training Courses

1- Swimming coaches Course (ASCA)

2- Diving Course (first star)

3- Diving Course (second star)

  4- Diving Course (third star)

  (5- Diving Course (PADI

  6- Diving Course (Eladia)

7- Athletics

8- Medical Sport Course and rehabilitation of injuries

  9- A massage session

  10- First Aid Course

  11- Rescue Course

 Course 12- Swimming

13- Sports Marketing Course

:Names of staff

Mohammed Thabet Ahmed (Administrative Official).

Dalia Sabri Fawzi (Administrative Official).

El Sayed Ibrahim (Employee).